Once There Was A Girl

June 27, 2015

Once there was a girl who lived in a huge balloon. She knew how to love. Then she met this beautiful man. She felt the “Jason-Statham-vibe” right away. She knew she had no fascination with bad-boy looking guys. “I am sure”, she  said to herself. But boy, she was wrong!

He was her kryptonite but sadly, she was just an ordinary girl to him. She had visions of them getting really close, hold hands, enjoying movies, walking in parks or sharing a kiss or two. To him, she was just a girl in that moment. Just a girl to spend hours of enjoyable conversations with until their tummies hurt with laughter. Their record breaking conversations lasted for about eight (8) hours. To her, it meant everything. But to him, it meant nothing.

Somewhere along the way, she decided to walk away. Unrequited love was something she was not ready for. Bruised and defeated, she went back to her own shell, carefully thinking how to survive the kind of situation she put herself into. 

Then she started traveling, hoping the temporary relief of being into another place would cure her heartbreak. It did for the most part. But there are many times, she was more confused, lonely, insecure and restless. She wanted to prove something to him and to herself. She wanted to forget him. She wanted to forget the old person she was. She didn’t like the feeling of being rejected, much more terrified of being “defeated”.

The next few years were spent on more travels, meeting people, getting busy with job, doing the things she love and surrounding herself with only positive people. She focused on improving her looks, skills and intellect. She was the master of reinventing herself into a different girl that she used to abhor. She wanted to simply forget the girl she was.

But when she had the chance to have a decent, more reasonable recent conversation with this man she bravely asked him why they stopped talking in the first place. His reason was simple: His ego was bigger than he thought it was. She made him feel special before, then she stopped contacting him for the longest time. Not even a Christmas greeting would break that. He was slighted, he felt a tiny spark of revenge for her ability to drop him like a hot potato. He was too proud to ask what were her reasons for doing so. While she was left more hurt in the process.

Then she confided to him her fears of being misinterpreted (because  she fell in love and he didn’t). Though she had long accepted that they will only be just two people who met at one point in their lives, keeping their friendship was the only thing that can come out beautiful from this experience. He agreed.

Then they decided to forgive themselves for letting time goes by without checking how they are. It only felt natural to do that. After all, they already built a great friendship just that it didn’t work out more than that.

Besides all her efforts to improve herself, she realized she didn’t really changed much. She's still the same girl. She still got the same character she had some years ago. Maybe just more confident, desirable than before, more articulate and yes, she can curse more than now, but if you can only look at her inner self, she never really left her own self. She just discovered a stronger version of the person she used to be. She didn't know she's capable of that kind of strength. Even she was surprised.

 There is no need to forget that girl who was once crazy in love with this man.  

She turned out alright after all.


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