Lovely to Meet You, Siem Reap!

July 11, 2015

I was clueless about Siem Reap’s beauty to be honest. It was my good friend Tessa who invited me to a Cambodia trip not knowing how vast is its history and culture. I first heard about Khmer civilization from one documentary I saw. It displayed a lot of killing fields, weary bodies, distorted faces- a lot of which were shedding tears. I said: "Okay, my Crime Scene Investigation fascination is getting too much."

But then again, one documentary show talked about Angkor Wat and its grandness, beauty and the amount of history it has. 

Didn't take too much to convince me.

The temples are superb making me 'temple-sick' after four days ( a joke I shared with Tessa).

I was not kidding when I said, I've seen enough temples for the next 3 years of my life.

The beauty of these temples are within its walls carefully craved to perfection.

I was simply in awe.

Even my feet had to agree.

I had to wake up each morning with that grin on my face just thinking of the food I was going to put in my stomach.

Or the delicious fried rice which tasted so good,  we needed a second serving each time.

That Cambodian spirit being positive despite the many adversities it has faced brought by wars and guns. It taught me to be contented and thankful on whatever I have now even freedom.

That creativity may sprung even in countrysides where landmines and violence were planted.

And that water may come and go but when rainy season comes, rivers become alive once again.

So lovely to meet you, Siem Reap! Till we meet again.


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