REVISITED | Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Refine Serum Review

November 06, 2014

I got into skin care pretty late obviously because of ignorance (raise your hand if you are guilty too!). I seldom get pimples that's the good thing. Though my skin is between combination to oily, I am lucky that pimples don't like to breed on my face all the time.

About two months ago, I had the worst breakout ever. So in my effort to prevent the same nightmare from happening again, I had to make a quick inventory of what's on my stash in terms of skin care. This led me to a reunion with the Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Refine Serum which I picked up in Seoul last year. I really love their BB creams which I also got on the same trip so I didn't have a second thought to get this one. I believe this product is part of the many skin care steps from Missha but never really bothered to pick up the rest of them.

I used this before when I came back from my trip, but stopped because I didn't see any significant change to blog about except that it can be a nice makeup base. The bad news too is that I forgot how much I paid for it.

Serums are way better than creams because they are more potent hence you get more benefits than the usual creams. However, they can be pretty expensive so watch out if price is your consideration. The Missha Super Aqua Pore Correcting Refine Serum is pretty thick, white in consistency product and makes my pores visibly less noticeable. I notice that it prevents my makeup from running too fast. I doubt that it has silicone, I threw away the box, to be honest.

This product claims it can refine my pores but I don't believe in such thing as the size of your pores are determined by your genetics. I bought this thinking this can be a nice makeup base afterall.

So, yes, it's a nice base prior to your foundation but apart from that, it didn't really help me at all in  refining my pores. I still like it though. It's not too heavy, and gives my face a nice matte finish upon application.

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

Buy Again: I will probably pass up for now. I already picked up some primers some months ago.


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