REVISITED | Lolane Natura Daily Hair Serum Review

September 06, 2013

I think I found the best serum for my dry, thin, damaged and colored hair!
Meet Lolane Natura Daily Hair Serum which retails for Php 129.00 in department stores. I picked up mine at Landmark in Makati.
I've tried hair serums in the past, some were priced midrange, the others are in different form (not exactly serums but promise to improve hair condition) but what makes this little green bottle special is that it magically transforms your hair into sleek, no frizz, shiny and bouncy hair. It claims to be light and non sticky and may prevent split ends and yes it is not sticky and greasy indeed!

The label states that this baby is from Thailand. It doesn't smell awful. In fact, I like its smell, it reminds me of something I can't decipher. Perhaps an old perfume, the only sureball is that it smells so familiar to me. When I get the clincher of its smell, I will update this post.
It does not weigh my hair down, it works just perfectly on my more than a year-old digipermed hair. Also, at least 4 people from work have commented how my hair looked shiny and bouncy.. Hmmmm...

Me Says:

- Tames flyaways
- No frizzy hair
- Smells beautifully
- You only need a small amount to work with your hair
- Works well with my digipermed hair
- Not pricey for Php 129.00
- May prevent split ends (ah perfect!)
Overall Verdict:
5.00 Lipsticks

Oh, there is one thing which bothers me though very minor. The cap of the pump does not stay put in the bottle but that's only because I take this with me in my bag. I wish the cap holds a little tighter so it shall behave well in my bag, hihihi.
But overall, I am very happy with this mighty green bottle. Green indeed is the color of the year!
Buy Again: Yes-- this is my current HG hair serum so far.

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  1. Looks ok. I haven't had luck with hair serums except the ones hairstylists use on me...I always forget the name of the product they use so I have no idea where to find them.

    1. Usually for high end salons, they would use something from Kerastase which is quite pricey. This one works for me so I am happy. and it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg :)