Lessons from Traveling

September 19, 2013

Hola everyone! I just came back from my Seoul trip. I also would like to announce that yes-- my Project: No Makeup Buy has finally ended since June-ish this year  (sniff, sniff, sniff). 

It's really hard to resist being in a makeup land such as Korea. I mean everyone else is sooo crazy with skin care. Koreans take pride in taking care of their skin and this is evident in so many beauty stores around the metro. So yes, I finally bought myself some skin care and few makeup which I can opt not to disclose here but I don't want to live with so much pretensions in this stage of my life so I thought of disclosing it here anyway. Ha!

And to those who are asking, yes I traveled alone. This is no issue for me as I used to do that many years ago. I traveled alone in Beijing for my first travel outside the country hoping to chase a love which turned out to be not meant to be later on (I can talk about it in another post, hahaha!). But in every trip, I came back a totally different person. Save for some sore feet, empty wallets sometimes with a broken heart, I learn a lesson each time I am away.

I realized that I became more patient, more tolerant, more accepting of others when I started traveling. When I travel, I get to be overwhelmed with so much diversity I started throwing away misconceptions from other people. It taught me to say hello more often than usual. I learned to smile a lot more. Strangers became acquaintances and lead to exchanging some email addresses. Keeping in touch/ contact for sometime. It makes my spirit more alive!

It taught me to appreciate the littlest things I have in life. Others don't have any. And yes I also enjoy shopping while traveling if my wallet permits me to do so. 

Being in Southeast Asia, we are not that progressive as the other countries in the region but I'd like to think that the Filipino culture has its own charms. We speak good if not the best English. It's not difficult to make friends. I can talk about how a water buffalo or carabao is essential to farmers in the Philippines long before the Spanish, Japanese or Americans ruled us . I can talk about jeepneys, abusive cab drivers and how flooding is normal in the metro. The lists just go on and on. In few years, there will be more things added to that list. But like many teachings I learned from traveling, I started to be more accepting of these imperfections. Remember that no culture is perfect, some are good, some are bad. And so are the people.

If you have not caught the travel bug, I pray that you will.... soon.

Afterall, it's the best (also the most expensive) bug I ever had in my life.


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