REVISITED | Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer Review

March 05, 2013

If you ask me, the worst day would be the day that my makeup melts! Haha! 

Sounds hilarious, noh? But there's really truth into it. I hate it when I'm in the middle of something or in front of a huge mirror gently picking those flakes off my face.. Ewwww... Definitely not flattering.

So why do you think our makeup melts, ladies? Well let me talk about my experiences, but so far here are the reasons I've compiled:

- Forgetting to moisturize
- Applying too much product
- Guilty of piling up products one after the other

So yes--- I am guilty of all three so that's what happens when I get over excited in makeup application especially when I was just starting out on applying makeup.

So, I've got a goal... and that is to keep my makeup intact no matter what!

Well here's what saved me so far! Meet Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Makeup Sealer. 

It promises to keep makeup in place, even when performers perspire heavily. So yes, I mean actresses (whether on TV or theater, you got it baby!)! The instructions are pretty simple: Apply pre-makeup to retard perspiration, and over any completed makeup for a smudge-proof finish. 


Keeps my makeup intact or in place. 
I had luck in keeping my makeup for about 8 hours. To think that I am all that--- oily and shiny. 

Sweat proof.
Oh yes, you'd be surprised to know that it does repel sweat.

And yes, even  water, too!


I paid a hefty Php 700+ for a 59 ml product. Yeah, I am that stingy. Booo..

Not available locally.
Scout it through your online resellers. I got mine from StyleQuarter.

Smells like a mouthwash!
The first time I tried it, I was furious. I felt like I just splashed my face with a mouthwash, lol. But the tip is this: Hold your breath for about 5- 10 seconds and spray away!

My mugshot with Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer last December.

Overall Verdict:
4.5 Lipsticks

Buy Again: Yes, but I am trying to be frugal these days so hopefully I get rich before my bottle runs out! Haha!

Miss J

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  1. I saw this post from our group BBU! Thank you foe posting this! I have been searching for a review of this product and I am contemplating on whether I should buy it or not. Like you I'm a bit frugal hehe. But I think this is worth trying as other make up sealers I know are more expensive. Thanks for sharing! New follower here! Hope you can visit mine too! :)