JANCEN Cosmetic Surgery Review | The Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Experience

March 29, 2013


Are you afraid of any surgery? Because I am, to be honest. But sometime in November last year, I succumbed to my fear by getting a procedure called Blepharoplasty or in most popular term: Eyelid Surgery.

Now you ask why? I’d say: Why not? I am young and oh-so-hot (naks, lokohan na to, tsong pero pwede, walang basagan ng trip, lol)!  (Translation: Okay, just kidding but don't destroy my illusion, lol.)

But in these days and age, I don’t feel any difference just like you walked through a salon and get your hair permed. Or getting a tattoo for example.

You see, I had small, hooded and droopy eyes you can just imagine how long it takes me to contour my lids. This procedure is most popular for Asian girls especially Koreans! I would often feel jealous of girls who have that pretty crease where you can “eyeshadow all you want!”

So what is Blepharoplasty

As I have gathered, it is a surgical modification of the eyelid. Excess tissue such as skin and fat are removed or repositioned, and surrounding muscles and tendons may be reinforced. It can be both a functional and cosmetic surgery.

So yes, Koreans are famous in getting this procedure as they have this fascination with having a nicely shaped round eyes. Ala Korean girls naman ang peg ko this time! (Translation: I am going to copy these Korean girls!)

So how was it? I’d say not bad. I expected the worst as I realized that expecting the worst would allow me to feel better later in the event that it goes smoothly. But to be honest, it was not as painful as I expected it to be.

My doctor, Dr. John Cenica of Jancen Cosmetic Surgery, a famous doctor to the stars (think movies and TV)  and who has been in the business of aesthetic surgery for more than twenty (20) years and his team  were very patient, kept assuring me that all’s going to be okay and that the downtime wouldn’t be as crappy as I thought.

The Day of the Surgery

I was very nervous. Super. I only had one surgery in my life which happens to be a lasik surgery last year but then I prayed sincerely that I can finish the procedure,

First of all, you will be checked whether your blood pressure is normal so be prepared that if you are hypertensive (or the other way around)  you need to get a clearance from a cardiologist/ internist to make sure there will be no complications during or after the surgery.

The Surgery

Dr. Cenica then outlined my “future” crease by using a blue pen carefully drawing the lines to help them how it’s going to be “designed” during the surgery. Then the usual local anaesthesia was applied to my lids. Please expect that you will feel pain during this time as with any form of surgery. But soon after, my lids became numb and the Dr. Cenica and his team started the procedure.

I didn’t feel anything at all while they were doing the surgery, but I was awake though my eyes were shut, totally aware of what I subjected myself to.

After thin layers of fat from my lids were removed and had been completely stitched, they put a thin medical plaster to seal those stitches. At this point, I still feel no pain.

The funny thing was when the nurse, right after I stepped out of the operating table, showed me these little “skin(s)” apparently extracted from my fat lids. I honestly don’t know whether I’d faint or laugh as I was expressionless from the procedure. 

After the Surgery

After the anesthesia wore off, it felt a little painful but that was expected of any surgery. I was glad I was awake and still completely aware of what was happening. You have to remember that you must go back the next day so the nurses can clean them.

A cold compress is required for the first 24 hours and then the next 5 days be sure to apply a warm compress so reduce the swelling.

The sutures were removed after 5 days but believe me, it was getting better each day. The pain had gradually decreased as early as 2 days though there was still a slight tingling sensation when I blink my eyes.

And oh, I have to say that Dr. Cenica is really one of the kindest doctors I’ve met in my life. Despite him being famous (he has a weekly program called What’s Up Doc at GNN Channel seen in Destiny Cable and a doctor for some celebrities), he was consistent in being patient with all my questions, constantly assuring me about what to expect weeks after the surgery. He was always humble, smiling, and attending to me personally when he can very well endorse me to some of his co-doctors. He made me feel at ease at all times.

Weeks After the Surgery

Oh, not for bragging but I received tons of compliments from my friends, acquaintances and even people I don’t know how they like my eyes. My very first compliment was from a taxi driver who told me how pretty I was (oo, true yan hahaha!)

Then came from my friends who wondered what change I did in my look because they don’t seem to decipher it.

All of them complimented how pretty my eyes are and that this look definitely made me more approachable (dati ba, hindi?), younger (so mukha akong matanda, dati?) and posh or “sosyal” (bakit mukha ba akong mahirap noon, lol).

Okay, here's a photo to convince you.

Thank You’s 

I just want to say a huge thanks to Dr. Cenica of Jancen Cosmetic Surgery and his team of doctors: Dra. Passion, Dra. Capuchino, etc, and the rest whom I failed to mention. Thanks too to all the nurses and staff who assisted me in my visits after the surgery. Sorry if I forgot the names of the other doctors, but my biggest thanks to all of you who made my experience the best one.

Overall Verdict: 

5 Lipsticks

Jancen Cosmetic Surgery
Suite 33, 2nd Floor Midland Plaza Hotel
M. Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila 1000
(02) 521.1444 / (02) 526.6297
(0917) 528.7897

Like them on Facebook and for a complete list of branches near you, click here.

For any detail questions on the procedure and cost, please email me at: theredlippie@gmail.com

Miss J

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  1. Your 'before' eyes are very similar to my eyes now. I'm considering getting this in a few years. My hooded lids are already pushing my lashes down and already folding over the corner of my eyes.

    Anyway, ang haba ng downtime. For now I'm using eyelid glue.

    1. Hello Rae,

      I had my hesitations at first but I was sold to it after the doctors explained to me how it can improve my looks. Just thinking of the "eyeshadow all you want" peg kinda excited me, hehehe..

      Thanks for visiting.:)

  2. hello...this is very interesting...would you care to share how much you paid for this?..thanks a lot..hope you can tell me :)

  3. Hello Leilani--- this procedure ranges from
    Php 45k - 50K. But I suggest to contact Jancen directly for prices may have changed:)

  4. Cosmetic surgery is usually performed to correct a physical abnormality or to enhance an otherwise normal physical feature and thus improve appearance.
    cosmetic surgery

  5. Eyelid surgery (called Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Lift) is a cosmetic eye surgery procedure typically offered by facial plastic surgeons and general plastic surgeons to get rid of your crepey eye skin, drooping eyelids, puffy bags and dark under eye circles. Upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery procedures are often performed separately.