Top Five Reasons why Speaking the Truth is Important to Me

August 08, 2015

"No legacy is so rich as honesty."- William Shakespeare

If you look closely, you'd notice that not everyone remembers the importance of honesty these days. I am not saying, you should tell the truth 101% all the time because even that can become unnecessary when you carefully think about it. However, I wish people would speak the truth in times where it is needed or required (like under oath in front of a judge, right?:))

I am a sucker for truth- be it hurtful or not. Even if it at some point, I end up crying. And yes- I am straightforward and my close friends can attest to this trait of mine. Some years ago, I've had my bestfriend shed some tears after not carefully thinking the polite way to make my message heard to which I immediately apologized. It was a learning experience for me at that point. I learned that honesty partnered by an empathic lips can make a huge difference if you want to make your point across.

But why would people try to speak the truth all the time? Well, here are my reasons:

No more lies.
Simply put- I can honestly look into the other person's eyes as I speak. The truth has definitely set me free.

No more trouble remembering.
Do you remember the time that you had to lie to your parents and then there was a pressure to remember each lie to make sure your stories after some time would still hold water? When you tell the truth- you can talk about any incident, topic or situation even at any time. That my friend, is because everyone remembers the truth more than the lies.

It makes relationships better.
During the beginning of any relationship, honesty remains to be one of the best foundations. Any contract built on lies are bound to crumble.

You help other people by saying the truth.
By speaking the truth, the receiver is informed of his/ her weaknesses he/she can improve on. If the other person is not receptive of your honest feedback, move on. There are more people who can appreciate your honesty.

You become trustworthy.
Remember the "boy who cried the wolf"? No one will trust us if we are always caught lying at every chance. Trust is something we build just like respect. So if you are a person who cannot be honest to another person, then you should know that you don't deserve honesty in return.

Keep in mind that while it is important to be honest, it is also equally important to be polite. If you are straightforward person like I am, you may take few lessons on being able to do "self-edit" which takes a lot of practice. In short, not everything which pops into our brain can be blurted out just like that. People have feelings too just like you.

Once caution has been exercised and still not being appreciated by the receiver, I suggest you to  find people who can appreciate your honesty. Our world is already full of so much hypocrisy, pretensions and people who are so good in twisting the truth just to get ahead.

 As they say, honesty is so expensive these days, never expect it from cheap people. You owe the truth not to other people but much more to yourself.


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