Don't Forget You're a Gem!

August 11, 2015

Over the weekend, I had the chance to bond again with my good friend from grade school till high school. Let's call her *Mimi here in my blog.

Mimi is a beautiful and successful lawyer. She excelled academically and a very articulate woman. She is also one of the very few people from grade school and high school that I keep in my small circle of trusted friends. You can't beat that bond you had from childhood, I guess.

During one of our prolific discussions on life, family, friends and love, we talked about men who may forget to appreciate the woman they are with because either they have been together for so long or that the trust or confidence in the relationship is just too high they simply forget to appreciate the woman (and of course, vice versa).

I have a simple rule: "Appreciate or evaporate."

When I started dating, I had my share of best, good, bad and worst dates. They came in all shapes and sizes. As a young woman, I wanted to simply date and so as much as possible, I didn't discriminate. And I learned that when men treat you unkindly during or after a date, it is your responsibility to remember these words: "Don't forget you're a gem."

However, that small pep talk would not work instantly. You need a deeper understanding of your fears, needs, expectations and insecurities. Once you have those things sorted out, those powerful words are indeed helpful.

To commence, ask yourself where is that fear of rejection coming from? It must came from somewhere. Dig deeper. Do you feel inadequate and that this man is a "blessing" in your life? How about you being a "blessing" in his life instead?

My take is this: A man who truly loves you will look at you as if you are an expensive piece of jewelry that he must hold on to. And that despite you being a rough diamond, inside you is a truly amazing woman. A man who truly loves you will appreciate your worth and will always remember how you will feel before doing something stupid while you two are in a relationship. And that no matter how silly women can be and may push him away sometimes, he stays put knowing he will never find someone as precious as you are.

Note: I changed my friend's name so she won't kill me after reading this:P


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