OOTD: Floral Power

February 14, 2015

First of all, happy 2015 guys! I know it's been a while! If you are still following this blog, please remember this blog post as my official "back-to-blogging" announcement of sort. You can imagine that I had been battling with my own little "demons" of writer's block. 

Also, I had not purchased any new expensive makeup I can openly 'brag' about. In fact, I was quite surprised that perhaps my fascination with lipsticks and blushes have ended. But now I am sure it wasn't that reason. The usual were of course work, life and personal issues. In short, with all the things going on plus I can openly admit, I've slacked off. Pretty much that.

But here I am again, making another promise to be a better blogger. Besides makeup, I like to talk about my feelings or feelings of others and how I think we can resolve each of them.

But today's post is an outfit-of-the-day post. And flowers... errrr, floral prints. I think the key is to find the right balance of prints according to your body type. While a friend told me, it takes a special person to get away with the floral power, I beg to disagree. I think everyone can look good in them if you pick the right combination.

If you have the model-type look or skinny, you can get away with huge prints. Or if you are too conscious about being full figured, forget about reasons and just wear whatever you want! Isn't that liberating?

So what do you think of the #FloralPower?


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