What True Happiness Means to Me Now

June 04, 2014

Can an expensive bag buy your true happiness? My answer is no, but like many others, I like the smile on my face that glitters bring.

But that is the kind of happiness which is fleeting, without substance and juvenile. And fortunately, that is not the kind of life I want to live.

These days, I try with all my might not to base my happiness on material things. 

Instead, I invest in more meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues, loved ones and even people I meet along the way as I travel.

While glittery things can make you happy, it is relationships which bind our hearts to these people we love.

Meantime, our relationship with material possessions become shallow obviously lacking depth and meaning.

I am learning how to live simply despite the many things money can buy. I am turning my back on status quo and instead opening myself to new experiences.

But of course, I shall probably still buy a lipstick or two. That’s the kind of life I want to be.

So now I ask you: How do you like your life to be?


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