Why Being Grateful is Important

May 10, 2014

Yesterday, I ran into a little driving “accident” as I was about to go out of my parking spot in where I live.

I “helped” my car to get these huge and noticeable scratches. Grrrr. 

Imagine my face, my disappointment and guilt for being S-T-U-P-I-D. A lady who was also driving even helped me turn my car into a safe driving zone as I struggle into the rut I was into. 

Idiot. That’s what I said to myself. Then I realized it was too harsh to murmur to oneself.  I was feeling a little sleepy alright, and it was nobody’s fault but I felt a little entitled to blame someone. Obviously, I was alone so I had to blame myself.

For the next two minutes, I was ungrateful that I was safe and that no other person was hurt. I wasn’t able to forgive myself right away. I was consumed by anger and disappointment. But after two long minutes, I started to minimize my anxiety. I relaxed and drove as if nothing happened. I started smiling again after few minutes of driving. I knew then that I was able to forgive myself.

I don’t know with you but if there is one lesson in life that I want to perfect, it has to be to ALWAYS learn how to be grateful in whatever circumstance I am in. I always work hard to appreciate the kind of life that I have. Sure I have a job, family, blog and a life to be thankful for but sometimes, I forget that I have all these things.  I sometimes still forget to be simple in my thoughts and to be kind to myself.

For me, it is important to be grateful because I know that somewhere in this crazy world, there are people who endure more suffering than we do. There are those who are away from their families no matter how much they want to be home and hug their loved ones. And yes, while I have some, others don’t have any.

So today, I am sending you my wish that may you also learn how to be grateful no matter how crappy you think your life  or day is. Someone, somewhere in this universe badly wants to be in your shoes to change their lives completely.  

And if you can’t say thank you to anyone for any other reason, I hope you can still thank yourself for the awesome person that you are.

Have a very happy weekend!


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