REVISITED | Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Who Me Review

May 16, 2014

It is summer in where I live--- Manila that is! Therefore I need to somehow change my usual everyday makeup game. These days, no heavy foundations, I only stick to tinted moisturizer, lip balms and lip and cheek stains.

Then I remember that I had this cream blush from Australian brand, Bloom Cosmetics. The Bloom Sheer Colour Cream in Who Me is a deep mauve cheek color that would fit most Filipinas out there. 

The consistency is quite thick, opaque and with hint of glitters on top. This one spreads like a dream in your skin and is very buildable. It looks natural with a hint of glitters that is not bothersome at all. I kinda like it actually. The flush it gives look like as if you just got out of your usual morning jog or when you exercise at the gym.

However, given that it is summer, it doesn’t stay that much longer in my face so I find myself retouching midday. This is not a problem to me, I do have oily skin. But for normal to dry skin, I figured this will be perfect for you. Also, I don’t remember how much I paid for this baby but more or less Php 700+ I guess. That can be an issue if you are on a budget.

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

Buy Again: Maybe not anytime soon, but I must tell you that this would work for normal to dry skin ladies.

So that’s it! How’s your summer makeup routine going on so far?


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