OMG, What Did Just Happen?

March 15, 2014

Oh my golly, I was away for the entire month of February! Pardon me for the lack of posts, again I was so busy and no-- I didn't get married if that's what you want to know. I was actually busy doing my own grown-up to-do lists if you know what I mean.

So what did just happen? Well, I turned my eye color into green (just kidding, hehehe).  

 Actually, I'm finally learning how to drive; in fact I was so clueless that driving lessons cost a lot. Hmmmm... but anyways, I did it! So yes, you will soon be seeing me in the streets of Manila or Makati most probably so please don't forget to be nice, okay? 

I was diagnosed as hypertensive and admitted to a hospital! I can't even remember when I was last hospitalized; I suspect when I was about three. Yeah right, this one has to be known so I can be reminded to change my diet and lifestyle in general. I am going to say goodbye to my sedentary lifestyle, huhuhu! I need to stretch my muscles more everyday (well, except for swimming and running, I don't really have a sport). 

I visited my family last January! I was home in Bicol for the holidays but I had to finish some family matters/ paperwork due to my dad's passing in July last year. I actually want to spend more time with my family this time because we only have each other (senti mode).
And last but not the least, simply soo busy with work--> yeah this girl has to work. Period.

I will be back blogging again but thought of updating you guys what I've been to for the entire month of February! 

So what have you been up to these days?


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