REVISITED | Prestige Brow Perfection Review

March 22, 2012

Do you skip taming your brows? Well I was guilty in the past but if you really want to look polished even without makeup on, then I suggest it's time for you to have your brow lessons 101.

Believe me- until now I am still in progress in being "friends" with my brows because we have our "trying times" together but then we are supposed to be sisters not enemies so I ditched the idea of war with my brows.

By the way I won't be using my usual format today because I happen to blog today using my Iphone which I got about 2 weeks ago, weeee:)

So let me share to you one of those brow products I have tried lately.

Prestige Brow Perfection
Php 550.00 (Beauty Bar)

I heard very good reviews of this product from Makeup Alley so I decided to try it.

- Comes with a stencil to "draw" your brow
- Color combination does complement
my hair color
- Comes with a tweezer and compact mirror

- The tweezer is of poor quality
- I can't seem to make the stencil work for me, lol.
- Not long wearing so better add some clear mascara after application to lock the color and keep them neat


4.00 Lipsticks 

This is a good product if you are a beginner trying to come to terms with your brows. It stayed on me for a decent 8hrs with clear mascara on top of it.

You can skip this if you are too oily and you have a very active lifestyle as for sure this would fade on you once sweat is introduced in your face.

And of course- the usual mugshot with the product on my face.

Miss J

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