March 29, 2012

I was talking to a good friend of mine few weeks ago and we talked about some people who constantly see ONLY the negative things around us. When a hundred people say positive things about an individual, thing, place, etc , expect these people to blurt the most negative, unnecessary comments just for the sake of saying something. As if these kind of people have long forgotten that being polite is not a thing of the past.

I have always been perplexed as to why there is a room for these ruthless, unsatisfied, nega people in this planet because if I am the boss of karma, I'd make it a point that anyone who speaks ill and unacceptable to good or kind people that they die instantly.

You must know by now but there is only one reason why they can afford to lash at people even when they are good to them. It is ENVY.

I say envy because it can be because they wish to be in the shoes of the person they constantly target thus they think blurting harsh words can halt these good people from doing what they do best. Negastar (aka negative) people are just individuals who cannot seem to fathom how to deal with an envious heart.

They pretend to know everything but in fact know nothing about any topic of interest. Because if they do- there is no need to seek affirmation from others. And because envy can be dangerous if not handled properly, it attacks their self esteem and to counter its effects, they resort in finding faults in whatever situation they maybe in.

All of us develops insecurity at point or another. Believe me-- I am no different. But the way I handle it makes the difference. Instead of being an "inggitera" (or jealous), I use it as an opportunity to do even more. One of the best ways to handle this IMHO is this: give credit whenever it is due. Simply put- praise someone or appreciate a thing especially if they deserve it. And I can assure you that your life will be a lot lot easier. However be careful when giving praises. They must not look or sound fake at any cost because if they are not genuine it only shows how more pathetic people can look.

Constant whining, harsh comments are attributes of negastars because within themselves they lack confidence that they can do the same. It is a camouflage of a more troubled past or childhood ranging from poor family values to being a neglected child. And from there it escalates further to more serious offenses such as too much pretensions, lying, or inability to decipher the differences between the truth and imagination.

As they say, one can never buy class. Even my cat believes in this! Sooner or later all these negative thoughts will eat these people up until they are crushed, battered and damaged. Until they know how to handle "envious" situations more elegantly that they would only recover.

I am not writing this to say I am perfect but just to say that like you, I am also imperfect and we all are! But it is one's character which defines us. As Bo Sanchez puts it: "Character is who you are when someone's not looking."

Here are my rules for a happier life:

- Smile more often. It is free.
- Never expect anything in return
- Declutter your life once in a while which means you can get rid of not-so-good people in your lifespan
- Be positive and yet realistic
- When someone says negative things about you, smile. It means you are achieving something
- Learn when to quit
- Learn when NOT to "sweat the small stuff"
- Believe in yourself a little more.

Let us all remember that we are all representations of our own heritage. If we thrive on actions only to hurt people, it makes us not worthy of this life given to us.

We are beautiful people no matter what. Just that sometimes, some people choose to be bad.


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