How to Remove "Python 26 dll" Error in Windows 7

December 30, 2011

Oh no- don't ever think about installing the Uniblue Registry Booster! If you did, congratulations, you just gave yourself a HUGE headache!

Sometime ago, I was looking for ways to optimize performance of my laptop. I tried and searched all places and stumbled upon this piece of thingy online. First of all, I am not so techie like most guys are so everything I did was just purely because I found this piece of information from the hemisphere and I was hoping it will remedy my  concern. And so I religiously followed the instructions; downloaded it, as if making sure I don't mess up or else I am dead!

It was A-okay in the beginning but I noticed that not all registry errors were fixed and now they want me to upgrade and need a piece of my credit card. Of course not! Over my dead body! Lol.

So I decided to uninstall it but then for some reason, I could not! Everytime I start my lappy, I am getting this annoying error which says:

"Python 26 dll"

Now what to do? Of course I was such a happy stupid to just let it go and torture myself with the annoying message everytime I use my laptop. And mind you- I was almost on my wits end! I can't uninstall it by going to my Control Panel so I just had to quit. But then when you have a Blackberry phone, I found out I don't really need the internet that much as I was able to synch all my personal emails to this berry. And so I just let it go.

Today, after work, when I turned on my lappy, I got pissed, really pissed and when I said I was pissed, believe me, I was really pissed, lol! Then I realized it's been a while that this annoying thing had been creating havoc in my psychological being and so I started googling for an answer.

Now- let's define python. As per Wikipedia (

"Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language[6] whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability.[7] Python claims to "[combine] remarkable power with very clear syntax",[8] and its standard library is large and comprehensive. Its use of indentation for block delimiters is unique among popular programming languages."

The good news is that I got rid of the above message! Yes. I am so proud of myself haha! I sincerely hope I didn't mess up. Oh no - God help me!

Here are the steps I did:

  1. Go to and download the latest version of this piece of you know what!
  2. Then Save.
  3. After downloading, install the program
  4. You have the option to run it or not (I chose not to).
  5. Please make sure you have closed the program or else you cannot uninstall it.
  6. Go to Start> Control Panel> Add/ Remove Programs> find the program called Uniblue.
  7. Click on Uninstall.
Result: Uniblue is gone!

I hope this helps! Let's start the new year by cleaning- (closet, or in my case my lappy!).

Happy New Year All!

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