The English War Made Easy

December 07, 2011

Yes I am learning 10 new words everyday and I am so determined to make it a habit!

Being a writer at such a young age, I was able to win my first essay in a local school contest at the age of eleven.   My award? Second Place! And so on 6th grade, I finally knew what I really wanted-- that is to become a writer. Easy noh? I thought so too..

In high school, I was appointed as associate editor of our school paper and has represented my school in different writing contests which I luckily won! Yey! And to top it all, at 17, I was the editor-in-chief of my college paper beating all the seniors during the application process. Ang cool noh! Hahaha.

But a struggling writer like me at a young age meant I had to battle with both English & Filipino languages. So while I was comfortable writing in English, so I was in Filipino. Then I started my love affair with anything I can read on from magazines, books, newspapers--- name it! I guess this was also one of the reasons why I started wearing prescription glasses at age 16.

I had been blogging on  different site where I write anything under the sun but then don't you just hate it when there is a war going through your mind? The truth is, I cannot decipher the English language sometimes even our very own Filipino. Being a corporate slave gave me all excuses to abandon my desire of a writer wannabee and instead flourish a career on wearing a pencil-cut skirt or a coming to work wearing jeans.

And so I am going to keep this promise to myself. I am going to make these languages war easy.

And so one day, I decided to buy this:

Next goal is to get a Filipino dictionary.

Yeah- I am going to make this English war easy!

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