Top Five Beauty Buys in Japan

March 30, 2017

Overwhelming. Yes- apparently it is the most descriptive word I can come up with when beauty shopping in Japan! Japan almost has everything from food, makeup, skin care and beauty tools. Amazing!

You might have noticed the lack of makeup/ beauty-related posts from me recently. I'd like to think I have successfully transitioned from an impulsive buyer to a slightly more intelligent shopper these days, ha! However, when in Japan, how can you resist not buying anything beauty-related?

Here, I'm going to list down the top five (5) beauty buys you shouldn't miss:

Eyebrow Products

Well as most beauty enthusiasts would say, you haven't been in Japan if you didn't pick up anything to help you up your brow game. You see, there are lots of makeup in Japan but eyebrow products are really good if they are from Japan. My best buys are from the Japanese brand,  K-Palette because they cost double in the Philippines (Y 1,020 + or Php 450+) so yes it means two words: HUGE SAVINGS! K-Palette eyebrow products are long lasting and has respectable color ranges to  choose from.


Shiseido is my top pick if you ask me. I picked up the Anessa range and they are lovely. I got two variants (whitening- in white bottle and regular -in gold bottle) and both worked like a charm. They cost a bit more than my other fave Biore sunblock but I am not complaining. Biore on the otherhand is more affordable and effective too. So I would highly recommend buying these two if you are eyeing on that sunblock especially summer is here in the Philippines.

Hair Oils

Yes- they got tons of hair treatment oils too if you dig them like I do. My lovely friend Khim who lives in Tokyo recommended Lucido-L. It is very affordable at around Y1,000 or Php 450+ . It has a number of variants- I got the regular variant at first, then picked up the Argan Oil variant sometime in April last year. Then- last January, I picked up the Hair Treatment Oil Essence in Argan Oil too.

Peeling Gels 

I dunno if peeling gels are legit, but after trying out one from a Korean brand, I was amazed! Japan has tons of them too, the most popular is the Cure Natural Aqua peeling gel and you'll be totally hyped that one bottle is sold for each second in Japan! Problem is- I didn't pick up one while on a trip in Tokyo. Bummer. This baby costs double again here in the Philippines. However, I managed to pick up one from another brand called DetClear. It works for me too, in fact, I've finished one bottle already!

Shampoo and Conditioner (and Hair Treatments too)


Shiseido - I love you! Yes- I live for my Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner which are wayyyyyy cheaper in Japan than if I buy them in Manila. They smell really good and leave my tresses manageable and soft. When I don't have my Tsubaki babies, then a good substitute would be another non-Japanese brand, Pantene.

So there, my top picks while beauty shopping in Japan! I think it is very important to think about beauty shopping while in the land of the rising sun since I tell you, it is overwhelming! I did end up getting confused as I got too many choices. But then again-- priorities

Enjoy Japan, you all!


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